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Subject to Change

We are subject to change. The world changes daily. Technology changes at a rapid rate. And the list goes on.  Change is a concept we should be comfortable with as time goes on. Yet, it is still a hard concept to accept today. The same goes for business. Change is inevitable.  As customer wants and needs are evolving, and technology is changing how we interact with our customers, the way we run our businesses has had to evolve. It can be tempting to lean into what we know and continue doing what has worked in the past to run our businesses, even if it’s not taking us in the right direction.

If you’re looking for the pace of change to slow, you’re likely to be disappointed. Today’s business world is a fast-moving environment. That’s not to say it can be done to run a business on slow. In fact, it’s possible to run your business at your pace. The difference is the end result. That result is defined by you and you alone.

According to Business Partner Magazine, change in business is absolutely vital if organizations are to realize growth potential, propel teams onto greater things and launch products and services which were once but a pipe dream. Although the process can be costly, it’s worth the struggle at the end of the day. With that in mind, here are four reasons that may tempt you to take that leap of faith.

Change helps you have clarity on technical advances

If anything changes quickly, it’s technology.  Businesses willing to change how they operate take advantage of new technological advances. If businesses fail to keep up with technology, they risk lagging behind, becoming stale, and ultimately failing.

Change ensures you’re ready for a new customer experience

Both new and returning customers evolve. Those you sold your products or services to last year have already changed; they’re aware of the new ways of doing business that requires a different customer service experience and new trends, Are you ready for them?

If your business chooses to stay the same, your customers – both existing and potential – will leave you behind.

Change can turn a crisis into an opportunity

Things go wrong in society and business, but errors and sometimes forced changes are brilliant learning mechanisms. When a crisis happens, the only way out is change. After all, every problem has a solution.

Change challenges the status quo

Our personal favorite reason for others struggling to change is, “Oh, we’ve always done it that way”. How often has someone you know stated that when they are questioned? It’s easy to get comfy in business and life, and complacency usually follows if things get too comfy.

Call to Action

Keep asking “why?” and don’t settle for the less.

Change is inevitable. Embrace the suck. There is no magic formula here. The reality is change is important for any business to not only survive but to thrive, without change, businesses would fail to meet the changing needs of customers. Start with small steps to implement changes in your business, and you’ll be surprised how executing those ideas come together in the future.

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