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Reflecting on 2023 and a Sneak Peek at What’s Coming in 2024

I have chosen a different way to approach the New Year instead of the usual excitement and setting goals. Honestly, celebrating my success is difficult for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good celebration and championing other people’s wins. When it comes to celebrating my personal wins, well, that’s hard. Perhaps you can relate!

Let’s use this moment to dive into a genuine, unfiltered reflection on the highs and lows of 2023. Brace yourself for a raw and possibly emotional journey through the events of the past year.

In the midst of this reflection, we express our gratitude for your unwavering support of KMD Marketing + Design. I had great conversations with many business owners about marketing, and the websites I helped build + design, and more were just fun. Thank you sincerely from the depths of my heart.

KMD Wins (And Not-So-Wins) In 2023

Website Redesign

I  started the year with a website refresh! I built the original KMD Marketing + Design site with little experience and quickly learned a lot, in a short time. it was a good time to start working on the refresh to reflect the skills I learned. One goal for 2024 is to enhance my site with a deeper dive into the services I offer and what that investment looks like for clients. I can’t wait to add to the site in 2024!


We served 5 clients last year- small, I know. Given the nature of their business, some clients require more than others, and my health setback affected this, but it gave me the time to look inward at how I grow KMD and the continuity I want for my clients. 

I want to continue serving entrepreneurs and helping them level up their businesses. I’m juggling a lot for a few clients at the same time, and I’m excited to serve more in 2024!


I am a huge fan of internships. Every year, I work with a marketing intern for a semester to assist me with managing KMD as their client for a semester. You may have seen their work on my blog over the years, like How to Get Your Company 5-Star Reviews on Google or 6 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO. Check it out. 

I’m learning if I try to do everything myself, I will never grow. And 2023 certainly let me know if I’m to grow. I can’t do this alone, or my health will nose dive. If I didn’t mentor interns, I wouldn’t have time to work on the business and get you more resources to implement in your business. 

Social Media 30- Day Action Plan

The first thing I launched in 2023 was my 30-Day Action Plan for social media. I am so excited to offer this guide to our clients to help them with their social media marketing strategy.  This led to brainstorming and mapping out what the next guide I offer will be. Stay tuned…

Kayla’s Health

I’ve always known that a person’s health is never guaranteed. There are so many factors that influence the outcome of your health. In 2023, I wasn’t planning to have the health issues I faced in the 2nd half of the year. As a business owner, going down for any amount of time isn’t ideal. 

Learning how to navigate this was incredibly hard. It came at a slow time for KMD. I was able to dial back and focus on existing clients while pausing to generate new business. 

Despite this setback, I’m feeling better. I have equipped myself with tools and resources and strengthened my mental health to face new challenges head-on while serving clients more. 

What’s Coming In 2024 For KMD

I’m starting the year by being behind the eight-ball on my own marketing! Since it is the new year and I dedicate more working time in the winter in Minnesota, I’m working to create my first-ever SEO Booster Pack for you to implement the day you download it. Stay tuned for this.

Did you know I offer SEO services? I don’t market it, but I get inquiries for it all the time, and I want to expand that service and more in 2024. I am working to have individual service pages in Q1 of 2024 on my website to help you understand the services I offer further. I get asked all the time what marketing services are my niche.

I  also want to engage in more networking opportunities with business owners looking to grow their brand and online presence in an authentic way. I already have a few networking sessions booked this year. I love connecting with other entrepreneurs (especially in person!) and would love to do more.

Thanks for going down memory lane with me. I hope you had fun reflecting on 2023 with me. I encourage you to do it in your business, too! 

And don’t be like me and forget to celebrate your wins. You deserve it!

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