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Our Top 10 Local SEO Tips to Grow Your Business

As the new year continues, one item on your small business checklist should be improving your SEO. You can crush your competition this year by improving your online presence. As a small business owner, reaching your target audience can be challenging if you don’t improve your business’s SEO. This will help increase your online visibility. 

Improve your SEO tactics to increase the ability to reach more locals around your business’s location. You could be missing valuable business, as 46% of the searches on Google are for local businesses. Do additional independent SEO research, or hire an expert to go through your business and begin the improvement process. 

SEO increases the organic traffic to your website and gives you valuable information in return. By improving your SEO and interacting with your audience, you can understand more of your target audience. Interact with your target audience by creating content that interacts and attracts effectively. 

You can learn SEO for free or hire experts to help with audits and guides that match your business’s results for goals. SEO will cost your small business only time for a resource if you venture into SEO knowledge. A small business can always improve its marketing strategy with SEO, which is a great tool. 

Let’s start learning more about SEO and provide you with ten local tips to grow your small business!

What is local SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and people typically refer to it as so. It helps improve your online presence by making it easier for people to find your website. Having an online presence is important for small businesses to organically grow. There are numerous opportunities that an online presence may bring to your business. 

Understanding that local SEO is only a subcategory of SEO in its entirety is important. Local SEO targets small businesses and even large-scale businesses competing in the area. Building your SEO is an ongoing process, but is key to building a better online presence than your competition. 

Go back to the basics of marketing and understand your target audience and market available to your business. Develop your strategy around their behavior, needs, and more to build your content. SEO involves picking out these key items from your products and services to attract your audience. 

As mentioned previously, the opportunities for local SEO improvement amongst your small business lie in your presence. Are you optimizing your ability to spread awareness of your small business? Numerous social media sites exist, along with changes you can make in the back end of your business’s website. 

Having such a presence in your small business will increase your ability to grow your online optimization. Let’s discuss some tips on how to improve your local SEO. With these tips, learn how to improve and understand some basic changes to increase results in this process. 

Tips to Improve Local SEO

  • Tip 1: City Pages for Surrounding Markets Served

Target specific locations, and use this to your advantage. Understand your business can integrate city pages within your website. List your service or product locations where your customer can best reach your business. Try to get your business listed in Google’s 3-Pack search results to show that it’s one of the best local businesses. 

  • Tip 2: Integrate Location Signals

Ensure that you list the locations of your products or services on your social media pages and website. Create a Location Information page on your website. Give your customer instructions, including pictures, and helpful information on streets, and parking policies. Include reviews, and target your customers with this page as well. 

  • Tip 3: Verify Your Google Business Listing

When was the last time you Googled your small business? Did you verify all your information was correct and easy to navigate for potential leads? Review your Google Business listing and ensure each portion is correct.

Potential customers can use this listing to contact the business. They can also find the location and visit the website. Additionally, they can see the hours of operation, read testimonials, and view pictures of the business. 

  • Tip 4: Publish Google Posts

Your business can utilize Google by creating a Gmail under them. With this domain, you may create a profile with Google to post more for your small business’s local SEO. Create videos, blog posts, news information, or even podcasts regarding your products and services.

Post offers for potential customers and leads. Update your audience with upcoming event postings and more. Include keywords regarding the topic and your small business to increase the local SEO process. This is another free resource for marketing and advertising. 

  • Tip 5: Citation Distribution

Spread the word of your small business, spread the value of your products and services. Make sure your business receives proper credit in reviews and other sources. The more posts that include your small business’s name, or business information to increase your local SEO results. The more your business receives citations, the more established it becomes to Google, thereby increasing your local SEO results. 

  • Tip 6: Use LOTS of Images

Use images to your advantage of your business. Show off your products and services and give your customers more of an insight into the benefits behind the scenes.

Images enhance visibility in searches. Google is able to produce more leads, traffic, and presence. Keep posting on your websites, upload images to your Google Business page, post content on social media. Your small business can utilize geotagging as well for more local SEO results. 

  • Tip 7: Generate More “Time on Site” Opportunities

If you aren’t already tracking this metric with SEO auditing, you could be behind your competition. Track how long a potential lead stays on your page before leaving it to go back to the other searches surrounding your page.

Tracking this metric can provide your business with a ton of opportunities to understand your customer behavior online. Check your websites and social media for chances to improve your marketing and ads for products and services. 

  • Tip 8: Create a Strong “About” Section

What does your small business do? What are your small business mission statement and goals?

Create an “About” section on your website to introduce and give a great first impression to potential leads. This part of the website is extremely popular, as customers like to learn about what happens behind the scenes. Introduce yourself, introduce your team, and how to become a customer. You can attract leads by even adding a call to action at the end of your digital business footprint. 

  • Tip 9: Niche Driven Local SEO 

Businesses use niche SEO when targeting a smaller audience. Take advantage of local SEO strategies. Pick out keywords which best describe your products and services to your target audience. Utilize these keywords, and keep it short for the best long-term results to target your local communities for increased traffic.

Focus on your keyword utilization when it comes to local SEO results. Remember to optimize your website in your strategy to give your audience a swift and efficient quality. You can always repurpose and reuse content. 

  • Tip 10: Include Tags

Tags are not just giving someone or a business credit by adding their account to a post. Tags help increase online visibility for your business by attracting more attention and creating more exposure for your brand.

You can include your niche keywords in tags, your location, your business name, and more. Using the correct keywords in these will increase the visibility of your business online.

Stand out, create catchy short punch lines to your products and services offered. You can use these short lines to your business advantage by also increasing your credibility and trust. 

Will local SEO produce me results right away? 

Learning local SEO takes time because there are many ways to get results through SEO optimization. However, using this technique shouldn’t be a question for your business. Using local SEO may not produce you results right away in the same day. Continuing the process your business should see results from weeks to a couple months in. 

Stop procrastinating in optimizing your visibility, footprint, leads, and boost in traffic. There is a wide horizon of opportunities SEO can bring to your business. This strategy could provide the resources for a turning point, turning your small business into a successful growing one. 

Don’t let the complexities of SEO optimization challenge your small business, either. You can utilize other small businesses around you who are experts in this. Experts can provide you with lessons, to providing you with audits to better understand your results and what direction your business will need to defer to instead. 

Are you ready for a local SEO journey? Do you need a little support with these services? Reach out to us, and let’s chat

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