4 Things To Consider When Naming Your Business

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4 Things To Consider When Naming Your Business


Having the right name can, sometimes, make all the difference in creating a brand and loyalty. It won’t be easy. You will need to think objectively and ask yourself some difficult questions about the business you are building. I will tell you that it will be worth it. To those that have kids, the process is very much the same. In the end, the reward of seeing your name and the hard work that went into this one decision: is to create a brand that helps you achieve your business goals. To serve the purpose you went into business, to begin with.

Consider this: I’ve worked my butt off, the past few months, launching K M D. And my name looked vastly different. Dragonfly Digital Marketing, my brainchild over the past few months and a HUGE piece of my brand today. But with growth comes change and I am SO excited to reveal all that hustlin’ i’ve been working on behind the scenes. I know this is the right move for chasing my dreams and the vision I am hustlin’ to grow into.

Naming your business

Names are powerful. Too often, your name choice is left to subjective points of view rather than objective measures that everyone agreed to before selecting a name.

Take for example Dragonfly Digital Marketing. While at first I fell in LOVE with the name and it is an extension of who I am. I boxed myself into digital marketing. To be honest marketing efforts, for any business, are going to be diverse to fit your strategy. I want K M D Marketing + Design to mean: marketing strategy, branding, social media, print, analytics, and more.

Ultimately, the name needs to be effective.

Here are 4 tips when naming your business:

  1. Use your value proposition and values. Think about your brand’s value. They are the guide to your business. If you are on the journey to creating a business think about what those values would look like. Your values, in life and business, have meaning. A name conveys those values, effectively.
  2. Visual Appeal. How would this, name, manifest visually? Do obvious design choices like color or shape come to mind? Are your ideas that of another brand- in the same market? Your name may be unique, however, the design potential is not. Take a look at the LOGOS
  3. Legal Filing and Securing an Online Domain. Depending on how you choose to do business, this is a crucial piece to doing business. It’s worth checking with your state on how to register your business. Most have a Name Availability Guide. Next, are you needing an online presence in the form of a website? It’s worth checking hosting options that fit your business needs. I reconsidered Dragonflydigital.com and dragonflydigitalmarketing.com was taken. To go off my brand and business name was not an option.
  4. Sound. How does your name sound in your head and out loud? Don’t hesitate to tell a few people these names. Can they pronounce the name? Do they ask what your business does, after hearing your business name?

Final Thoughts

Whether you are thinking about starting a business, are a start-up ready to launch, or are an established business ready to rebrand, naming our business is difficult. However, an effective business name will help you stand out from competitors and convey a message while building a strong brand. Once that’s down, you’ll want to identify your target market, define your positioning, and create a business plan.

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