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Is this really happening!?!   I can’t believe it, but when I “officially” launch my dream, I will be entering another trip around the sun and, more importantly, a BRAND new season in life. I am adding entrepreneurs to my growing portfolio of who I am. To be entirely transparent, I DID NOT think that a year ago, when I gifted myself the year 2020, to be the year to think, it would involve turning entrepreneur. I mean, it’s been a thought for years. Naturally, excuses held me back. Finish school, let the kids get older, set aside money to start a business, etc. the list goes on. However, one thing I knew a year ago was that I wanted to make a move in my career and didn’t know if it was time to pivot into marketing. As with anything, I DID try to kick start a side hustle with a client needing marketing support. I very quickly knew I had “enough” on my plate. It stayed at one client, and I didn’t even give much more thought to a new “season.” Until a few months ago, that all changed. I took on a few more clients. What blossomed from those first few clients is this article, website, and my new role as an entrepreneur. Here I am present and ready to tackle all things marketing.

How do you sum up a trip around the sun? I think of the last year as one of personal + professional reflection. I knew I had a full-time job in corporate America, two kids, a husband, and three semesters of school left. I knew 2020 would be busy crossing the finish line to graduate from college. In the past year, I graduated college, took control of my health, and let go of a “job” that no longer served my career ambitions, thank you COVID-19, for this reflection, to pursue a dream and launch a business, I said a year ago I was too busy to try.

Birthdays always feel like this pause button when you are challenged to look back over the last 365 days. When I gifted myself a year to reflect it unfolded in a way I didn’t see coming, and I am so grateful for everything that was 31.

This year it’s “officially” launching a business vs. bowling with my family. Yes, my husband has been trying to talk me into taking the kids bowling. However, It will be spent launching a dream of eating chicken parmesan and hanging out with our kids at home. I couldn’t think of a more joyous way to celebrate.

I am a different person than a year ago, but I love how I’ve pivoted the focus on what is truly important, and I couldn’t love this new season more. Thank you for being here, thank you for celebrating life, and thank you for your support! I’m ready to tackle this next year with ambition and can’t wait for all that’s to come.

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