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6 Social Media Spring Post Ideas for Your Content Strategy

Spring is upon us, right around the corner! Even with the unusual Minnesota winter we are currently experiencing, spring is a fresh start to new adventures and a pick-me-up! Let’s take advantage of this amazing time of year for your business. Exploring new ideas can be as simple as starting with a season.

To start getting into the spring mood, let’s ‘spring clean’ your marketing strategies and content strategies. The season of spring offers plenty of holidays and events such as St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Earth Day, Cinco De Mayo, Memorial Day, and Mother’s Day–spring is a great time to eliminate old tactics and bring new, innovative ones. 

Let’s start with creating content for social media that is entertaining, attractive, and helps with business and sales promotion in the spring! Let’s make it rain on your business with some uniquely creative social media post ideas. Utilize the use of holidays or events around your area. Seasonal marketing is proven to increase sales, so why not take advantage of this? 

Having a content plan and strategy for social media will assist in maintaining a consistent posting plan. Include exciting occasions and holidays, and provide valuable learning experiences in your content. Monitor how successful each post was by evaluating the month’s metrics. Let’s start with some social media marketing strategy basics!

Why Is Social Media Content So Important?

How is social media directing traffic to your site? You may be unsure or don’t know where to start. Creating authentic and strategic content is how we build brand trust. Social media is one area where you can grow your business online and offline. 

Driving traffic to your website or storefront through social media requires delivering quality, educational content that is true to your brand and growth goals while posting consistently. Create your content to reach your target market for the best results. 

A social media strategy starts with the original content you post consistently each week. A consistent drip of content sets you apart from others in your industry and improves you. By creating real-value content, you’ll be able to attract an audience that is more likely to purchase your products or services.

Social media content should:

Increase Brand Awareness: Social platforms allow businesses to reach a larger audience and increase their brand awareness. By consistently posting high-quality content, businesses can establish their brand identity and attract new customers.

Take advantage of telling your business’s story on your social media. Interacting with your audience by telling your story can increase follower count and awareness. 

Customer Engagement: Social media platforms enable businesses to engage with their customers quickly. By responding to comments and messages, businesses can build stronger customer relationships, increasing loyalty and repeat business.

Don’t be afraid to comment, share, and interact with your audience. Interacting with followers helps the algorithm favor you and can generate growth for your accounts. 

Improved Search Engine Rankings: Yup, social SEO is here. Social media activity can contribute to search engine rankings. When businesses share engaging and relevant content, it can lead to increased traffic to their website, which can help improve their search engine rankings.

SEO creates a ton of background work for your social media accounts. By using keywords, you can generate backlinks and more. Don’t be afraid to hire an expert to help with your SEO needs. SEO can change your business by boosting growth, optimization, and traffic.

Increase Website Traffic: Social media can drive traffic to a business’s website. By including links to their website in social media posts, businesses can direct potential customers to their website and increase the chances of a sale.

Spring cleaning includes looking after all of your platforms. Do not forget about your website; ensure it’s attractive and easy to navigate for customers. Make sure you have easy-to-read fonts, colorization, images, testimonials, and more. 

As a result, social media content is important for businesses to establish their brand identity, engage with customers, improve search engine rankings, and drive website traffic. Stay organized with your social media content and create a strategy to coincide with your goals.

How Do I Create Social Media Content That Will Stand Out?

Social media marketing is a constantly evolving process; as it happens, so is modern technology. As a result, coming up with social media content ideas can be exhausting, especially if you are active across multiple platforms! Make sure to keep track of social media trends across multiple platforms. 

Does this leave you stuck trying to create content that is driving engagement? No matter how you post content, audience engagement is a key factor. If nobody engages with your posts, your future posts may not reach your future followers.

Social media algorithms prioritize content based on user engagement. If you don’t get enough engagement, all your effort and money put into creating posts will be in vain. This can be discouraging and a waste of time for businesses that need to be efficient.

Let’s not have this happen to you. Your content should have a purpose and something your audience likes and engages with. Make sure your content is attractive, engaging, and trendy, and understand how to interact back with the audience. 

If social media content is difficult for your brand to get engagement and interaction from, don’t be afraid. One option for your business is to hire a social media manager to help take off your social media platforms with constant growth, working towards your goals. 

Content Creation With Content Pillars

As a business person, I comprehend the difficulty of incorporating this activity into a hectic schedule and implementing it. Occasionally, I get in a funk. As a social media expert, I can become so wrapped up in content creation for others. Yet, I understand the importance of taking the time to work on our business. So, how do we do this?

We have a bucket of content pillars that lay the foundation of our content marketing strategy. These are buckets of ideas. Be sure to create subcontent ideas, as there can be multiple pieces made from one bucket. Pull from them to create original content that abides by your strategy. This content will resonate with your audience.

Here are just a few examples of content pillars that fit our business:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Tips
  • Marketing Strategy Tips
  • Portfolio Features/Client Success Stories
  • Motivation
  • Affirmations

Aim to develop five to eight core concepts to create a successful social media strategy for our clients. These concepts should appeal to their target audience, display their services and products, and align with their company’s mission and objectives.

Having key elements in place helps the content creation process. We no longer have to worry about what to post each day. You have peace of mind and the confidence to build your social content consistently.

How To Develop A Content Calendar

Once you’ve identified your content pillars, you can start brainstorming the actual content. Using a social media content calendar can help organizations stay organized, post regularly, and keep up with special events and holidays. There are several different platforms; research to find your best fit!

It can also be used to monitor the success of different types of content over time. We have a few tricks to make content creation easier and more enjoyable. From batch working to repurposing content, we are big fans of working smarter and not harder!

Are you looking for an action plan to help you create value-driven posts? Click here for a 30-day social media action plan. Fill in the gaps and get started today.

Here are six social media post ideas for small business owners and nonprofits to crush this spring. These ideas help you fill in your content calendars. However, not all of these content ideas are for everyone.

Ensure they relate to your content pillars, mission, and goals before publishing. Understanding and speaking to your audience is more important than just posting.

6 Social Media Spring Content Ideas

  1. Create a spring gift guide (stories and carousel posts) with other small businesses that complement yours.
  2. Run a charity campaign from April 28 to May 4. This is National Small Business Week. A portion of your sales will go to a charity of your choice. Focus on giving back this spring.
  3. Local businesses – come together! Find other local businesses to partner with. Start a fundraiser or drop box to donate goods to the less fortunate. Be a part of the community and help those in need. For example, old sports gear to help kids less fortunate to be donated to local shelters.
  4. Give your audience a look into who you and your employees are. Post your employees and their strengths. Show the environment your customers want to interact with compared to your competitors. 
  5. Design a ‘Spring To-Do List’ or ‘Spring Bucket List’ with Canva and share it with your followers. Additionally, offer springtime deals like discounts, bundles, free shipping, gift cards, or perks when someone registers for your service.
  6. Let your audience get to know you by showcasing your and your employee’s favorite national days. You can find them here.
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