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Event Marketing on Social Media

Which Is the Best Channel to Use?

Events are a great way to bring together people, family, friends, co-workers, classmates, etc. But how do you get the word out about your business or event, and how can you market so people can see your event? 

When it comes to event promotion, it’s important to make a plan. A social media event campaign may be part of your answer. This article will discuss the social media tools that let you engage with your audience, boost attendance, and create a better experience in creative ways. 

We’re answering your questions about social media techniques for creating a digital experience for your guests from start to finish.

Which Are the Best Social Media Channels to Use for Event Marketing?


2 billion monthly global active users


830 million members worldwide

LinkedIn is known for being a professional-business-focused platform, which makes it great for technical and more serious shows.


2.93 billion monthly global active users

Facebook is the market leader in the number of users, and simply no other platform where you can reach as many people. 

There are many social platforms today to grow and promote your event authentically and organically. Facebook is the giant for event marketing as they continue to be a dynamic platform with a huge audience.

 While we prefer Facebook events, this can be applied similarly to LinkedIn and Instagram. Once you decide on your platform(s), you will want to determine if you should have an event channel or page for your events. Furthermore, small one-off events, workshops, and others can be part of your social media strategy within your main business pages. 

How to Create an Event on Facebook?

Make a Facebook event that includes all the details your guests need. Also, tag the official pages of your invited speakers, musicians, vendors, etc.

The discussion area of the event is a great space to post announcements or answer questions. For example, get the word out about exclusive pre-sale codes or share the set times for a concert there. If tickets are required, you can collaborate through Eventbrite. Here you will have the option to link your account to Facebook. Once the integration is completed, your attendees can buy tickets without leaving the Facebook event.

What Are the Social Media Marketing Strategies for an Event?

This question comes down to what you are trying to do with your event. For example, let’s say you have a golf event to help raise money for scholarships for upcoming high school graduates in your area. Your strategies would reach as many people interested in golf or supporting scholarships for local students.

Now that might be everyone in your area, and it’s a start to bring people to your event. You must promote your event on all social media platforms that your target audience is on. Note: Other non-social media ways to get the word out are flyers at high-traffic places like the local churches, gas stations, dealerships, and businesses where the golf event will be hosted. You only really need one or two logos for your event to make sure when people catch a glimpse while scrolling on social media, they will remember it.

While free organic posts are great, paid advertising is underrated on social media, with a $14 ad on Facebook that can bring it to 3,000+ people! YouTube and other platforms are almost the same. And with paid social advertising, you can target your market so the people you want to have will view it and come to the event will see it in their feed.

How Often Should You Promote an Event on Social Media?

Size of the event matters. You will want 6-9 months of promotion for a large conference through social and other marketing channels. For other smaller events, six weeks to a month via social and other marketing channels is good for marketing. 

As a business just starting, it does not matter the quality of the event’s advertisement so much as just getting the word out that you are having an event! But, on the other hand, if you are a business with a loyal customer base who knows you put this event on every year, your approach may be dialed in, and that’s great. If you can grow a well-known event, look to market it with a different runway of time. 

Again it comes down to your target market and how big or small it is. 

Why Is Facebook the Best Social Media Platform to Promote Your Event?

According to studies, Facebook is the best channel for event marketing. Facebook is the most popular social network, with over 2 billion people using it monthly. Also, more younger people are on Facebook than ever before. Plus, most people know the media giant Facebook more than other platforms. 

From a business perspective, there were 80 million SMBs (small-and-medium-sized businesses) using Facebook Pages and 10 million using the advertising platform in 2020. From a social media marketing perspective, Facebook is the most important channel for B2C (68%) and B2B (48%) marketers. According to the latest social media trends, creating online communities is more important than chasing followers, and Facebook is a perfect place to do so! 

Event marketing on social media takes time. If you get stuck or don’t have time to market your event on your own, we would love to hear from you!

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