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5 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Firm

Marketing plays a critical role in building a brand, attracting new customers, and creating loyalty to your company. Still, many small business owners struggle with deciding whether they should do the marketing themselves or get outside help. Let’s dive into five reasons to hire a marketing firm.

marketing firm is a third-party individual, firm, or agency hired by a business to integrate your marketing tactics effectively. This may be in the form of advice or contributing to developing a specific project. If you would like more insight on what marketing is, read more about the importance of marketing.

There are many reasons why businesses might consider hiring a marketing firm. They provide unbiased feedback as a third party, which can be particularly useful for your business’ success. Here are five reasons why you might want to hire a marketing firm!


It’s impossible to know everything. It is even more difficult to do it all in the long term. Therefore, you should consider a marketing firm.

The learning curve for anyone with little experience in marketing is staggering. Marketing firms generally can create a complete and effective marketing strategy with the software and equipment needed to produce high-quality content. This makes their input & toolbox valuable when you are seeking help for a specific area, such as social media or email marketing.

Free Up Your Time

Hiring a marketing firm will help your business get some solid feedback on how to improve your marketing strategy and processes. This is a relatively easy way to outsource specialized knowledge and get your company on track!

Many entrepreneurs are wearing many hats to keep their business dreams alive, which means they are trying to complete many tasks without paid specialists. An individual can indeed find and gain enough knowledge to complete the above tasks. But the time and effort to get results would impact the business in time, resources, and finances.


When you hire a marketing firm or agency, monthly salaries and benefits are a thing of the past. The cost of hiring an employee can be as much as 1.25 to 1.4 times the base salary. Not to mention the costs of software and equipment needed to implement marketing efforts in-house. You can now expand your marketing budget to invest it into driving greater results.

Bring New Skills

Similarly, you can employ a marketing firm/agency to bring new skills to your marketing efforts. Firms/agencies have specialized knowledge, and with marketing technology and techniques constantly changing, doing it yourself is an unfeasible strategy. Firms/Agencies spend their days reviewing quantitative and qualitative data in your marketplace to ensure your investment is being spent where it will drive results with their skills.

Employing a marketing firm can help you better understand your company and its place among its competitors and target audience!


Lastly, just like you, we truly want to see you succeed. We can see a vision that drives growth and puts you ahead of your competition. We are here to help find the best possible way to grow your brand and business that gets you long-term customers.

We believe that it is ok to do it all in the short term. However, for proper growth, you will have to outsource tasks in your business to grow. Let us take that burden of running and growing your business off your shoulders. Let’s find a way to incorporate marketing efforts tailored to YOUR business. Not all businesses need a full-time in-house marketer to see growth.  Let a firm/agency contribute its expertise and resources.

Action Items

If I have you thinking about outsourcing your marketing or keeping it in-house, give us a call or drop us an email. We’d be more than happy to talk with you to see if we are a fit to work together. If not, I can guarantee you will get some marketing tips to implement on your own after our call.

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