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How to Create Engaging Content that Stands Out

How to create engaging social content that stands out? It’s becoming a mainstay for many brands’ social media strategies. It’s a platform to connect and engage with people. Driving profitable traffic to landing pages, growing conversions, and building an engaged audience are all key factors to help you succeed.

Are you stuck trying to create content that is driving engagement? This can be either on the post or driving traffic to your website. The way you write your posts is a critical factor in your audience engagement. The truth is if people are not engaging with your posts, then it is less likely your future posts will reach your followers. Social media platforms have done a great job at building their algorithms to prioritize the post your audience sees based on their engagement and what they care about.  What this means is you may spend all this time and effort, and money to plan and organize only to throw a party no one cares about or shows up to. This can be discouraging and a waste of time. As a small business, time is of the essence. Let’s not have this happen to you. The content you create should have a purpose and something your audience likes and engages with.

Think about this party again. What kind of party are you wanting to host? Who is the audience you are wanting to invite? For me, my audience is geared toward small businesses, business owners, and nonprofits looking to grow their businesses in a more strategic manner. One easy way to visualize this is to think about what networks are used and for what purpose. What platform partying are you planning to host, or where would you like to host your parties?


Think of it as more of a professional network with the intent of building connections and networking. Tradeshow. Thought leadership. Industry trends.


This is more in-the-moment content. A cocktail party. Breaking news. Live event. Timely and relevant updates.


It can be thought of as your dinner party. Share interesting stories. Relevant information. More casual setting.


Like Facebook. In a casual and more curated visual way. Images are your stars.

You are probably curious about what it takes to create an engaging post. So you’ll want to take some time to create a strategy around “this party”. Once you have an idea of why you want to post, follow these three pillars to help boost engagement, make your content stand out, and get results

What Should Content Do?

Content should do one of four things; educate, entertain, inspire and promote. Furthermore, you should split your posts based on these four pillars. This is what content should do for your audience. And once you know what this should do.

The purpose of this is to inspire you with what to post. Now for some fun examples.


It’s fun to spark curiosity and add to their knowledge bank. This can be done in many ways, such as FAQs, Tips, Did you Know? It can be as simple as picking a theme that is a branch of your brand that would be of interest to your audience and choosing a topic around that.


is intriguing to keep your audience interested and engaged in what is happening next. It doesn’t have always to be funny. For example, unusual stories, behind-the-scenes, before and after series, and more. Fun fact that using emojis adds to tone and increases visual interest.


Content here is what most businesses and people are familiar with. This encourages your users to take the next step in doing business with you. A very simple thing to add to your posts is to include some sort of call to action in your posts. What do you want them to do? Tell them. It’s as easy as shop now, followed by a link to shop or check out X, Y, and Z via the link in our bio.

How Should it be Organized?

Now you should be asking what to post and identifying content themes to help you organize posts. This can be a mix of content you always have ready to go, like blogs, articles, and interviews, and can be reused. Next, you might be inspired to post content related to the time of year. This month is black history month, and next month is international woman’s day. You may decide planning content around holidays could provide value, especially for those whose businesses are profitable during these times. Communities and partnerships are a great way to add to your brand that aligns with your core values while demonstrating your ties to the community and other business partners. Lastly, new trends or promotions you want to share.

How Should it be Delivered?

Once you know what your content should do and how you should be organizing it. You should also be focused on how it should be delivered. A final step to creating engaging content that is good is to mix up the formats in which you want to post the content. Try to think of single or multiple image posts, lives, stories, videos, or Tik Tok and Insta Reels. It’s fun to mix it up to reach people that want to engage in different types of ways.

Hootsuite or Sprout Social are two social media management tools that can help you schedule or post in batch work so you are not feeling reactive daily in posting. They both offer free trials, with Hootsuite offering a free account for those just starting out to help you build consistency. Keep in mind with free trials; there are limitations to how many posts can be scheduled at a time.

Action Item

You may not be implementing some of these practices yet. However, it can be a good idea to think about how to be more strategic with your social media efforts. This can be overwhelming at times to think of what content do I want to post, especially when I try to plan in advance to avoid any last-minute posting efforts. This guide is a good place to start.

As the first step for anyone creating a content calendar. It will help you be less reactive to come up with new ideas every day and to be more proactive to look at your month coming up and see what you are going to post in advance.

Now time to get writing/planning engaging content! Implement these three pillars and let us know if you get results. If you’re still struggling, reach out, and let’s chat about our social media management packages and how we can help take this off your plate.

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