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Marketing Is Here To Work For You. Not Against You…

Marketing is here to work for you. Not against you…

Here we are in February and I’ve heard on a number of occasions from business owners that we haven’t gotten much out of our marketing efforts or we are seeing a little to no return. You want results fast, and what you’re asking marketing experts to do takes time. You need the right tools in place to build a good user experience that calls consumers to make a purchase.

Guess what- YOU need to put some skin in the game to see tangible efforts. Small and simple marketing efforts are more effective in seeing lasting growth in your business. I get it marketing is tough. It’s constantly evolving and changing. Recognize that you can keep improving your business growth if you approach the process with the mindset. Again, Marketing is here to work for you. Not against you…

How you approach the marketing efforts for your business is up to you. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “marketing?”

Perhaps you thought of a product or service, price, or advertising. While these are obviously key elements of marketing, there is so much more involved in creating marketing efforts that truly resonate with your target market. It is a go-at-your-own-pace process that can build you lasting results.

I’m sharing some common avenues I evaluate alongside my clients that help them promote their business.

Social Media

Social media marketing is a great strategy for connecting you with your audience to build trust, rapport, and expertise in your field. While it involves some work to create content it is a great resource to instill small and simple marketing habits that reach your audience, build your brand, and drive traffic to your website or place of business.

Jot down a list of 6-12 messages that tell a story or tone you’d like your target market to feel when they are working with you. Then, choose a message – then each day that week is a different post talking about a singular message and the benefits. Going one step further, add video content to the social mix talking about those messages.

Guess what, social takes time. And once you get familiar with posting routinely pivot to spending an afternoon each week creating video and still image content for the week ahead. Next is to learn about all the resources available to schedule your content.

Again, Show your expertise. Build trust. Think of ways to make social media marketing fun. Entertain, educate and enlighten. Not just business, business, business.

Website Blog

Again with marketing efforts in mind, consider writing a blog as another inexpensive way to build trust and educate your audience on your brand and expertise. Is it worth it? Yes! A blog helps drive traffic to your website. It enables you to repurpose content here on your social media channels. And it helps convert traffic into leads.

Whether you are promoting a product or service, a blog helps you dive deeper into educating your audience that helps you build trust, and utilizing it across other marketing channels for consistency is a win-win.

Google Business

Every day billions of consumers use Google to search for a variety of information – a local diner, travel tips, nutrition trends, local news, and more.

If your business doesn’t have a Google Business Profile what are you waiting for? Stop the reading and get started now. I will wait.

Google Business isn’t going away! Make it a habit to update your business information quarterly and post some of your existing social media content in the “post” feature at least twice a month.

Your Google Business profile is beneficial for your business:

✔️ Google Business Makes You Visible
✔️ Google Business Ensures Online Consistency
✔️ Google Business Improves SEO
✔️ Google Business Easily Host Customer Reviews
✔️ Google Business Images Provides a Great First Impression

I’ve touched on this a few times throughout, but one of the most impactful – but often overlooked – things you can do is ensure that your brand is consistent and integrated across all marketing channels that you implement for your business. From your messaging to all the visual elements, every marketing piece should look and feel the same and work together to share the story about your business.

Now, this doesn’t need to happen overnight. Small and simple marketing efforts are more effective in seeing lasting growth in your business. Go ahead make a checklist of items that need to be updated or implemented and just start. And when you get stuck or overwhelmed I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you to chat marketing.

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