Why Marketing Management is Vital to Business Enhancement

Why Marketing Management Is Vital to Business Enhancement The field of marketing is constantly changing with the introduction of new trends, techniques, and innovators. As there are so many changes, your business faces new challenges in the face of competition each day. Your business can stay ahead of these changes and create as [...]

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Strategies to Grow Your Event

Strategies to Grow Your Event Events, such as conferences, summits, trade shows, business expos, and more, are just one component that should be a part of all marketing strategies. The right events can directly build brand awareness with those that don't yet know you or your brand while increasing growth and revenue. Event [...]

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SEO: Local Search 101 for  Local  Businesses

SEO: Local Search 101 for  Local  Businesses At KMD, we believe in helping small local businesses grow and get found online. SEO is hard, and we want to simplify it. Our goal is to help educate you on the process of local SEO (search engine optimization) and working with an SEO specialist. Have [...]

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3 Marketing Habits for Small Business Owners

Three Marketing Habits for a Small Business Running a small business is equivalent to two or three full-time jobs, especially when you are just starting your business and the resources to hire staff may not be an option – there’s just no way of knowing when or why, or for how long you [...]

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Reimaging Your Business In A Post COVID-19 Economy

Reimaging Your Business In A Post COVID-19 Economy COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior in the past few years. Here is how you can reimagine doing business moving forward. Have you thought about how you will come back in a post-COVID world? My guess is you more than likely have. If your business is [...]

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4 Things To Consider When Naming Your Business

4 Things To Consider When Naming Your Business What to consider when naming your business is a journey. It is also one of the most difficult processes, of being an entrepreneur, that will stretch you and inspire you to think big.   Having the right name can, sometimes, make all the difference in [...]

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