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3 Ways to Marketing Your Small Business On A Budget

When you are a small business, start-up entrepreneur, or nonprofit, budgets are tight for marketing.

The options are endless when it comes to marketing your small business. From social media to maintaining your website to developing content for all platforms used. It’s no wonder that deciding which marketing tactic or tactics to focus on, that contribute to growth, can be daunting. Especially, when your budget is limited in the beginning phase of your business.

While traditional marketing advertisement is costly and difficult to measure, small businesses, today, have access to cost-effective and measurable marketing tools. Marketing your business online is a complex place, and many small businesses or start-ups are not utilizing the multitude of platforms online, that can benefit your business.

With so many digital tools for marketing, how do you know where to start? We are sharing three ways to market your small business on a budget.

Marketing Your Small Business On A Budget

As a small business, we rely heavily on word of mouth, but spending a little money to invest in your business is a great way to see growth and build a reputation among your local community.

With so many digital tools for marketing, how do you know where to start? We are sharing three ways to market your small business on a budget.

Build Your Email List

If you have ever felt unsure about starting an email list or even been putting it off, now might be the time to start. There’s a reason why now is the time to start building your list: it’s the only digital marketing platform you have control over, it produces a high return on marketing dollars invested and it works. Social media is a great tool and cost-effective, too. However, as a business owner, you don’t have control over the algorithms that can make or break your social media success. Hubspot’s Ultimate List of Email Marketing Stats for 2022 reported that marketer’s received an average ROI of $36 for every $1 spent on email marketing

Cost: $0- $50 per month ( basic essentials and some automation) via email platforms such as Mailchimp, Flodesk, and Hubspot

Implementing a Social Media Strategy

They always say people buy from whom they like. When you create a strategy based on your ideal customers and the social media platforms they use you will see a bang for the effort. If you post and post consistently, with a strategy in mind, it builds credibility with your ideal customers. These platforms allow you to create connections and provide value and education to your audience’s feed in real time. As a result, you establish credibility, build relationships, and are allowed opportunities to convert your audience into signing up for that email list (Hey! now you can own these followers and have more exposure to your audience outside of social) or make a purchase.

Cost: $0- $150 per month (sponsored posts add a cost to these platforms).

Ask for Referrals

Again, they say people buy from whom they like. It gets better! This a sure-fire cost-effective marketing tacket to implement. It can take many forms from the classic verbal asking for customers to refer you, all the way to implementing email campaigns,  social media strategy, and online reviews. You might be surprised how many people love to talk about who they’ve done business with lately, both good and bad.

It’s a great way to get in the door with new customers and warms them up to do business with you.

Cost: $0

How Much Should a Company Spend On Marketing?

You are ready to scale your marketing efforts. Or, you may have a small budget to invest in marketing. So, how much should you spend? Well, this depends on your annual revenue and can vary based on the industry. Here is an example of how to gauge what your marketing budget should be, based on industry.

Marketing budget by industry

It’s time to create a marketing strategy and give digital marketing time in the spotlight for your business. It’s easy to put off a digital marketing plan, but your digital efforts need your attention. People want to learn more about your business and follow along with you as you grow. If you need help with your digital marketing plan and efforts, fill out our quick contact form, and we’ll be in touch soon!

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