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Having an Adaptable Marketing Team and New Marketing Trends

What has changed? Some may say, what hasn’t changed? Everything seems to have changed in the past few years.

As marketing leaders, we are the ones surveying annual and quarterly trends in the market. We are always asking the question: what has changed the most? According to Robert Half, approximately 49% of leaders are running leaner teams. Secondly, 48% are adopting more efficient processes. Marketers, both internal to business and agencies, are thinking about responsive customer experiences, data-driven strategies, and different messaging to reach your consumers. Today, you have to do this all more efficiently. There are new priorities. A vast majority has shifted focus not only on responding to the crisis but on society as well. And most importantly, a shift in priority to an online presence has been at the forefront of the past year. Change in messaging is happening. Do you know how to be found online in SEO and SEM? There are new priorities. More importantly, a new market trend to think about being a part of as more businesses adopt an online way of doing business.

What is your top strategic priority for this year?

Is it implementing a digital marketing strategy? Is it UX/UI or customer experience? Changing your brand and messaging or purpose-driven marketing? Onboarding automation tools, enhancing your website. Research is showing that the top strategic priorities for the remainder of 2021 are:

  • Improving customer experience
  • Creating purpose-driven marketing campaigns
  • Enhancing websites and mobile applications
  • Implementing digital marketing strategies
  • Evaluating/improving brand messaging across channels

What this means is you need an adaptable team, whether it’s in your marketing department or other departments, that can help fill the marketing void that can address these priorities and how they can help you adapt.

Future posts will focus on adapting new ways to hire marketing talent, whether it be your own internal marketing team or you are looking to outsource areas of marketing.

It is worth noting that monitoring marketing trends can help build connections to drive engagement and growth for brands in these unprecedented times.

I’d love to hear how you’re adapting your marketing efforts or what ideas you have for marketing in the future. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts with us.

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