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Having an Adaptable Marketing Team and Adapting New Ways of Hiring a Team

How are you currently hiring your team? This can apply to both your marketing team and all other departments. Have you thought of how this strategy can play into adapting to rapid economic changes? In addition to keeping an ear out for new market trends building a team that can be agile and adaptive to these shifts can greatly impact the growth of your business. As a business owner strategic priorities are needing to be implemented. Some businesses are having to implement these strategic priorities with either a smaller team that is in-house or a smaller team altogether due to the events of the past year. Or you are still in the early stages of launching your business. This is important to reflect on as you grow and need to add to your team.

As mentioned earlier, we need to build a flexible and agile team that is more resourceful. Your team members should have soft skills along with adaptability and versatility. But the team as a whole needs to be flexible. Ultimately able to scale up or down based upon the business environment.

Adopting New Ways of Hiring a Team

So, this leads me to market and creative teams, and your efforts should be composed of four categories. First, core employees are either remote, onsite, or a hybrid of the two. Second, freelancers and contractors This niche of experts are brought in as needed for project needs during peak periods. Third, consultants handle high-level tasks such as reorganization, rebranding, strategic digital planning, and other priorities. Finally, partnering with external resources whether that be agencies and vendors. The reality of today and the future is having teams become diverse, dispersed, and interconnected. As a result, allows for flexibility and adaptability based on the business needs. A great example is when the team is large it’s large and when projects are over the strategic initiatives are in place then the team contracts. Now, let’s look at how your team can survive whether it’s a pandemic or another event out of the control of your business.

Once you have your initiatives in place to grow here is how your team can help you. One important way to help drive growth is to upskill your current staff. Not only will this help them develop professionally it will also help your team feel valued and will help your retention rate. When you have a solid core team in place it is important to enhance their skill set so they can perform at a higher rate. This is pretty easy to implement and cost-efficient providing a great ROI. Research is showing that 82% of marketers and creatives are increasing their budget for professional development in 2021. Additionally, 37% of in-house marketing departments want their staff to upgrade their functional job skills. Whether it be copywriting with SEO/ SEM, targeted email marketing or social media best practices, etc.  Finally, 43% want their team to improve their technical skills. This can vary from marketing automation software, customer relationship management systems (CRM), content management systems (CMS), customer data analytics, etc.

The top technical skills being talked about today digital strategy, content creation, and marketing along with website design and development are critical skills to have.

You will have times when upskilling your employees are not easy to upskill. The list of reasons can vary why. A few examples of this could be video production, SEO/SEM, web and mobile development, and analytics. As some of these are terribly hard to upskill the industry is finding is hiring new employees would be a quicker way to build your technical skill toolbox among your team. 41% of marketing leaders plan to fill vacated roles or bring back furloughed employees. 52% are planning to hire new positions. The good news is that creative job seekers are out there. The downside is today it is tough to find highly skilled and creative marketing professionals. 97% of marketing leaders have mentioned it is very challenging to find talent. Of those 62% find it extremely challenging. Even with the current higher unemployment rate of 6.2% finding top marketing talent is very difficult to find. This may seem counterintuitive. It does make sense for you to consider the importance of digital and online marketing to survive today.

Overcoming hiring challenges

Knowing it is difficult and the fact that there are opportunities out there it is difficult to identify key individuals to join your team. Here are some best practices to overcome the challenges of hiring

Hiring fully remote

Most companies are more open to having remote employees. In fact, this could open the doors to a more diverse and skilled talent that is located in other parts of the country. Anything is possible today. As a result, you can identify talent that fits your business needs and make it happen versus be stuck with the talent local to you.

Shorten the time to hire

Act quickly when you meet the right candidate. If you don’t they will lose interest and join another organization.

Sweeten the deal

Sweetening the offer with creative professionals that have niche skills know they are in demand. Luring them in with compensation and a package will entice them. Perks never hurt either and this could be remote work, flexible work schedule, etc.

You get one chance to make the best offer. Making it right is critical.

Lastly, you may want to consider working with a recruiter that specializes in hiring that niche talent. In most cases, employed candidates that are confident are eventually looking for new opportunities are not looking or even saying they are looking to move. These recruiters will have access to a diverse talent pool you wouldn’t have on your own.

Bring in Contractors

Contractors, freelancers, gate workers, etc. As we mentioned earlier, your staffing should grow and shrink alongside the business demands. When you have periods of time your workload increases this is a great time to think about bringing in additional staff. In these unprecedented times, it is not surprising that 70% of marketing creative leaders plan to increase the number of project professionals and contract employees in their staff in 2021.

Next, it wouldn’t hurt to think of the interim staff as a smart move. This will allow employers the following scales the team as needed without affecting the full-time employees. Think about how to handle a heavy intermittent workload during peak times or when the workload does increase you are going to need additional people. AS when the work is done or the project is complete on time without burning out your employees and dragging them around you will bring in an interim staff for when the workload increases. And finally, determine if a full-time role is suitable and consider this as a contract-to-hire role. It is a low-risk and effective way to know if they are a fit for your team.

Remember to grow and adapt you need to build an agile team. A team that can adapt to new market trends. A team that can adapt to new ways of assembling talent. Don’t continue doing what was done pre-2020. You need to keep adapting and positioning your team to be ready to take on new changes and challenges as you see them coming.

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